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Return to Childhood

I love watching little children, their simplicity is beautiful. They forgive and forget in seconds, they are perpetually happy often in fits of giggles over the most mundane delight. They have boundless energy, tearing off in a matter of seconds off on a new adventure with an exhausted mother frantically chasing after them. Most of all, I love that kids love, they love everyone, no prejudice, no bias, no hidden motives or unethical intentions, they are genuine through and through.

For children, they do what brings them joy, what comes naturally to them, not yet affected by the pressures of their life, their desires are pure and natural. When I was a child, I wanted to act, I loved to express myself creatively. I enjoyed reading and writing and enjoyed spending time in nature. As I grew up, I was in a number of plays that I absolutely enjoyed. But, I put away the dream of acting for more sensible pursuits, a career where I could actually make a living and use a college degree.

Now as an adult, I examine my life and realize the things that bring me the most joy are the activities I did as a child. As children, it is clear what bring us joy, our passions. Yet as we grow older we exchange our childlike pursuits for what well meaning parents advise, teachers recommend and what is attractive to society. We absorb all these ideas and adopt them as our own forgetting the beautiful simple joys of childhood.

What if we returned? Left the grown up expectations and mindset by the wayside and returned to the simplicity of childhood joy. Basic. Simple. Fulfilling.

As a child, I was really adventurous, I used to jump off of anything with some height to it, jungle gyms, grocery carts, swings mid flight, everything. Much to my mother’s horror, I just would not stop, I was fearless, bold and unstoppable. I broke my arm three times as a child, the pain and the surprise of breaking my limbs never stopped me, I was determined to fly and to adventure. Somewhere in middle school, my wings got clipped. I started to feel insecure and desperate to please others with who I was and my accomplishments. I learned quickly what was acceptable and what was not and succumbed quickly. Later in life, I learned the lesson you are a slave of whatever and whomever you choose to obey. People are harsh slavemasters, never satisfied and rarely pleased. People pleasing is a circle of hurt, imperfect people influencing and creating other hurt, imperfect people, all who pass around their different mutations of dysfunction like gifts on Christmas morning.

So what is the answer? The answer is to simply to bow out, excuse yourself from the circus, exit the dance floor and interrupt the soundtrack of your life and adopt something else entirely. Return to a time when as a child where love reigned supreme. When there was nothing that could not be done and your heart’s desires were pure and given from God not tainted by other’s expectations and failed accomplishments. Maybe you are so far gone, you are not even sure what it would mean to return to childhood. It requires an unlearning of damaging lessons, an undoing of knots and releasing habits and thoughts that do not serve you.

Life is not meant to be complicated, we make it so. Embrace simplicity of life with intention, purity and peace.

Please know I am not suggesting that you act in an immature way or engage in destructive behaviors as an adult but I am asking you to take a step back to childhood, to developing a mind of love, forgiveness, peace and goodness. To return to the activities, thoughts and vision that ignite your heart and your soul. Do more of the things that you would do if no one paid you and it was not appreciated by the adult world. To not seek approval from others but only from the God who made you because this is where true happiness lies.

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