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Preview of Coming Attractions

Vision, vision, vision… What is the vision that guides your life? What do you spend your time doing ? What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Is it about the daily crisis or the person who got on your nerves today? Perhaps it is what you are lacking and need to purchase or obtain in the next week or month? Or maybe the next vacation or upcoming weekend plans for a chance to relax and unwind?

I enjoy the experience of going to the movies in the theater with the comfy seats, popcorn and giant screen. Before each movie, there are always previews where you get a sneak peek of the new releases coming in the future. It is common to see a preview that looks really good and mark your calendar to see the movie once it is released. 

Vision for our lives is a lot like previews of coming attractions. It provides an overview of what is coming, it may include brief glimpses of the finale and the plot however many of the details are absent. 

When you love someone, you think of them, you prepare for them and ensure they are taken care of. God does the exact same thing for us. Before we were even conceived, He had plans. Everything in your life has been orchestrated for a reason. You were born at a certain time for a reason. You have the parents you do for a reason. You had the experiences you did for a reason. You look the way you do for a reason. 

You are also reading this now for a reason. 

The purpose God has given you is a sign of His love for you. It takes into consideration who God has created you to be, His plans for you and the impact you will have on those around you. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans prosper you not to harm you to give you a future and a hope.” 

God’s plans for you are good, these plans will bring abundance, goodness, peace, love and purpose. 

Many times we are so caught up with distractions or fear, vision does not have an opportunity to grow and manifest in our lives.We get so caught up in our day to day experiences, solving one emergency and moving on to the next, living only for the next weekend or next vacation but not looking beyond to something greater. This life goes by so fast and without direction, it is easy to wander off into dead end paths, U-turns and mindless trails. 

Vision gives light to the darkness of confusion, gives direction to the lost and re-energizes the frustrated. God uses vision over and over in the Bible to share his future plans. He often used vision to communicate his plans before sending out his prophets in the case of Isaiah and Ezekiel. 

So how do we get in position to receive and manifest God’s vision for our life?

  • We have to stay in close communication and proximity to Him by praying, reading the Word and just spending time with Him. I like to go on long walks with the Holy Spirit and just talk, Just like any relationship, yours with God needs nurturing, face time and bonding. The best part is He is always ready and available.
  • Fasting in combination with prayer is another great way to hear from God and cut out distractions. When you fast, you are no longer focusing on your physical needs which leaves room for more spiritual growth and advancement
  • Obedience, this one is so important! Each step of obedience moves you closer to God’s purpose. I remember God telling me to do something in obedience that really scared me and I did not do it. It felt almost like a spiritual block was up in the area of my purpose, I was stagnant. When I prayed about it, God reminded me that I had been disobedient and not done what He asked me to do. I immediately took care of it and felt such a release of love and peace, it was incredible. John 14:15 says, if you love me, you will keep me commands.
  • Wait for it, this one will not be popular but it is necessary and also how God manifests His promises in the lives of those He loves. God’s vision for our life is not a TV dinner that you can pop in the microwave and it is ready in a few minutes. the Bible talks about sowing seeds in preparation for the trees that will grow in time, that is vision. God often gives us His plans in bite sized pieces. He understands that is how we can take it in and digest it in a healthy manner. If He were to show us the full plan from beginning to end, it would be too much to absorb. Waiting is not passive, it is not stagnant or regressing. We are to wait in expectation, still growing in God, growing in mind and body. The work God does inside of us first will then be reflected in the external manifestation of His vision for our lives.

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