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My Atlanta Testimony

As I sit here, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, in my new apartment having just completed my first week of my new job in Atlanta, I am in awe. I have to talk about the absolute and total faithfulness of God. I am hoping you are like me and nothing inspires you like a good story of triumph. These are special moments when you can just see the faithfulness of God in your life or the life of others is truly breathtaking. These moments have to be shared to encourage others and bring glory to God. So here is mine.

Early 2016, I was seeking God for answers, I was ready for a new job opportunity, feeling restless and knew I had more to give in almost every area of life. in a moment of prayer, God shared with me that I would move to Atlanta. In Atlanta, He shared that He would grow me in every area of my life, career, family, purpose, everything. My reaction to this revelation was not excitement, I immediately responded, “No God, I am not moving down south and especially not to Atlanta. Not interested, what is the plan B?”

So the back story is Atlanta was a place I never wanted to be.

Let me level with you and share, when I moved to DC, I truly believed I would never leave. You see, I experienced DC for the first time as a summer intern while in my undergraduate studies.  I fell in love with the hustle and bustle (so exciting!), the metro (unheard of yes, I know), the monuments, tons of people to meet, the constant things to do and yes, even the politics. It was such a complete difference from Jacksonville, Florida where I was currently living.

And I knew, without a shadow of a doubt or so I thought, DC was MY city.

I tried to move to DC for about a decade and finally I got a job opportunity, once I arrived, I I jumped right into all DC had to offer. And I soon found, DC was not all that I thought and hoped for…because of me.

I soon tired of the constant hustle and bustle (it made me anxious), the metro (it was always breaking down and super expensive), the endless dating but no long term commitment (what happened to the white picket fence?). I found, the things that initially attracted me to DC were now major dissatisfiers. DC is a wonderful city with amazing people, but I was the problem, I did not know what I wanted. So I moved out to suburbia which I found to be much closer to my pace but close enough to the city for work and occasional weekend visits. There I was living in a state of compromise, a treaty if you will, when God dropped the bombshell of Atlanta in my lap.

Over the course of the next three months, God changed my heart so much so that I began to look forward to moving to Atlanta. It is SO awesome to me that God knew what I needed even when I did not. In hindsight, Atlanta is EXACTLY what I needed and wanted…but did not know.

One of my favorite Bible verses, Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take.” His way is best for us, over time, it became less about Atlanta and more about alignment with God’s purpose for my life. To be out of step with God became a scary place for me and I was committed to following Him wherever He led…even to Atlanta.

Once I was onboard with His plan, God then told me to start telling people. And get this, He told me to tell them I, as in God, said you are moving there and I am going to do great things for you there. Sooooo again, another pregnant pause in our discussion, “Ok, ok, God, I just got comfortable with Atlanta and now you want me to tell everyone I am leaving because you said so. Eeeek!” But I was obedient and began telling friends, associates and anyone who God told me to share the news with. Most times, I got a surprised reaction followed by logical questions like, “ Well, when? Or how?” To which I had no reply except when God makes it happen. Next followed a look of confusion from my comrade, often an awkward pause and then a perfunctory, “Oh well that is nice.” 

I learned to get really comfortable with the awkwardness and accept it as par for the course. 

This was not quick process, for six months, that was my answer and there was no movement on God’s part, no job, not even an interview or inquiring phone call, just nothing but crickets. Not even a hint that there was anything brewing or in the works.

When you are walking in faith, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Each of us is waiting on something, whether it is a job, a husband or a wife, a child, a financial breakthrough, a healing, whatever it is it is so important to be obedient in the waiting process.


You may not understand, I know I did not. Do it anyway! People may think you are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, let them, you just keep the faith.


I now know the people I shared my move to Atlanta with would serve as witnesses to His works. Maybe, He may not want you to share His revelations with anyone but there is something else you need to do. Matthew 4:4 says, “ Man must not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” The biggest thing is to be obedient to whatever God tells you to do while you wait.

Enter 2017.

In January, I went on a spiritual retreat with girlfriends, we spent a long weekend in Ocean City, Maryland,  praying, fasting, seeking God, reading the Bible together, encouraging each other and spending time with God together and alone.

The day after returning home from the retreat, I received a call from Emory Healthcare in Atlanta with a job interview. One of my friends worked for Emory and shared my resume when a job became available. It was exactly the type of job I was looking for with major opportunities for advancement. I knew in my spirit, the job was mine. I interviewed over the phone and within two weeks I was in Atlanta for in person interviews with the staff. But wait, it gets better…

During this time, I was tapped to share my testimony with over 200 women. I told these ladies about God’s faithfulness in my life and declared the job as mine. As I shared my testimony, I began to learn about my purpose which is to share the love and power of God through public speaking and empowerment. But wait..

In February, I kicked off my ministry with a ladies brunch, I again shared my testimony and also had a speaker who addressed the importance of pursuing God’s purpose in our lives. And then…

About two weeks later, I received the long awaited phone call and was offered the job in Atlanta. I accepted and began the move to Atlanta. Wow, I am still in awe as I write this.

See, it really was not about Atlanta, it was truly about the journey that God took me on to get there, my faith got expanded like never before, I discovered my purpose along the way and God used me to inspire hundreds of women with what he was doing in my life. He also used me to inspire the women in my own personal circle, to encourage them to seek purpose and ultimately seek God. He did all of that on the way, not at the destination but on the way.

It makes you think is it really about destinations or do many victories and life changing moments happen when you get on your way?

Keep the faith and keep your eyes open, God is moving all around us. 



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