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Fearless Living 101: Make God Your BFF

What does it mean to be fearless?  To live life without abandon and care, to take the risk and have it pay off greatly is a life many of us seek. 

Fear is easy, the world is so unpredictable, dangerous even,  it is easy to be fearful. But courage, that is much harder.

As a child, I was fearless, at just the ages of two and three, I fractured my arms and legs numerous times. I would jump off anything with height, jungle gyms, shopping carts, swings, I just knew I was born to fly and for a few seconds I did! My mom and I were in the Emergency Department so much the staff and physicians thought I might be getting abused at home. I suppose I was confused about my identity, imagining I was a bird rather than a human being! As I grew older, I became more cautious, more aware of the constraints and dangers of the world around me, I took less risks and valued safety above all. This is what happens to many people, we become less in touch with the God we serve and the genius He created us with and more intimidated by the world around us.

It is with intention that I am beginning this study on fearless living with God because it all begins with Him. To begin without Him is a mistake. God provides a safe place for us to confront and overcome fear. Trust in God with all your heart and do not learn to your own understanding, (Proverbs 3:5-6), Keep your eyes always on God. With Him your right hand, you will not be shaken. (Proverbs 22:12),  There is no fear in love but perfect love drives out fear, (1 John 4:18). All of these promises He gives to us regarding His power over the fear in our lives. Remember, He is bigger than all of it. In the midst of fear, it can feel big, overwhelming and even insurmountable. Despite all of that, He is bigger, so much bigger. He has power over the fear but it is all up to us regarding His level of participation in overcoming it.

What do I mean?

All of the Bible verses shared speak to the importance of PROXIMITY when living a fearless life. In order to build a relationship with another person, learn from them and grow something together, it requires intentianal time. I spend time with all of my friends, many do not live in the same city in which I do but we intentionally find time to talk on the phone in order to keep up with each other’s lives and maintain the friendship. It is important to both of us so we make time for each other. The same is true for God, He is always present, waiting with ope arms of love. But we must make the time to meet with Him, during that time, we can give Him our fears and obtain peace and love in exchange.

I see a clear difference in my life, when I am intentional in spending time with God, not much ruffles me. Issues in the past that might have made me fearful do not bother me, I can release the issue to Him and stay focused in the moment. I can take risks and do so with confidence because I know He is with me and seeing me through all of it. Not only He is present but I trust Him that the outcome will be the very best for me.

God is ready and waiting for you on the other side of fear, take the first step!

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