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Faith for the Vision

Great speeches are unforgettable not just because of the content but also because of the delivery and presence of the speaker.

Great speeches are like magic, all the elements combine and leave an indelible mark on the listener.

There are many famous speeches that come to mind for me, Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech is one of the most iconic. President Barack Obama’s speech about the American story, his upbringing and hopes for America captivated the hearts of many. John F. Kennedy Jr’s speech of accountability urging Americans search their hearts for opportunities to serve their country has become an idea cherished and respected. What is it about these speeches that make them so iconic? The vision and faith that supported these messages stirred hearts and encouraged people to see a brighter future.

The human heart thirsts for vision, it is a part of our DNA. We were created by our Creator in His own image to also, create. Creating is our purpose and vision is the roadmap to creation.    If vision is the roadmap then faith is the vehicle that will get us to the destination. Faith is an area where many of us struggle and this is where we get stuck, stuck in our insecurities, our fears and the unknown. 

Others get stuck in the area of faith because it seems New Age, too ethereal and way too idealistic, it is not concrete or realistic enough for it to be actionable. Faith sounds like dreaming or lying to oneself, ignoring the realities of the present, which is silly and childish.

I want to disprove that and show you how you exercise faith everyday, all day. On a workday, I leave the house at the regular time, start my car and drive to work, occasionally, I will stop off to grab some coffee and pay with my ATM card, when I get to work, I exchange pleasantries with my co-workers and head to my office and sit down in my chair to get ready for the day and check emails. I have exhibited a lot of faith already by 7:30 am in the morning. I had faith that my car would start so I could get to work that morning, I also had faith that my bank still had my money in my checking account to pay for my coffee and lastly, I believed my chair would support me when I sat down to begin my day at work. 

So the question is not whether you have faith? You  absolutely do. The question is what do you choose to put your faith in? 

When you put your faith in God and the vision He has for your life, it is a game changer. Faith requires changing the way you think. 

The world tells us, we are on the ones that have to make our vision come to pass. It is all up to us. Faith says it is not all up to us, it is all up to God. Faith says believe, believe it will happen, you do not need to know when and how just believe it will happen when it is time.

 When you believe, you talk and act differently. Do not get too caught up in the methods, it may not make sense and most times it will not. God does not work in what makes sense to you, He works at a different level, a different space and time. 

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my your ways, my ways,” declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8

I had a vision that I would move to Atlanta, that God’s purpose for me was there. During my time with God, I was told not to apply for any jobs, I am thinking in my head, “How does that work?” 

I was perplexed but I started telling people I was moving to Atlanta, I had no job prospects, no place to live and no implication that it was going to happen, I just knew. 

I started looking at neighborhoods to live in Atlanta, churches to join and thinking through the moving process. It took eight months for it to happen from when I first believed the vision and when it actually happened. God was indeed faithful, I got a job I never applied for. A close friend submitted my resume for the job and I was called by the organization. In the course of just a few weeks, I flew out to Atlanta to interview for the job. Then, once they realized they wanted to hire me, I was asked to apply for the job just as a formality, pretty amazing right? 

That is how God works. 

The awesome part about letting God take control of the vision and make it happen by faith is the knowledge of being in His will, His plan for your life. When you are on plan, it may not all feel good, it may not all make sense but know that the purpose is good and intentional. 

I wish I could say there is a blueprint for faith, the best blueprint for faith is honestly, just to do it, take the first step, get out the boat into the water, start the business, tell the truth and believe even when the situation says otherwise. And then, keep doing it every day and watch and see how God changes everything around you.

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