Yinka transforms lives with the spoken word through a unique brand of  inspiration, authenticity and depth. She connects to women with a story that many know well of anxiety, rejection, low self esteem and loss. She shares the truths and hard lessons learned in an interactive manner and provides actionable steps for women to change their lives immediately. She communicates the criticality and need for each women to focus on personal wellness in their daily lives, spiritually, mentally and physically. Purpose should be the goal for each woman and Yinka challenges women to discover and relentlessly pursue purpose in order to help others in a powerful way.

Popular Speaking Topics:

  • You Are A Gift to the World
  • The Watered Down Life
  • What in the World Are You Here For?
  • Let There Be Light, Your Light
  • Live Your Best Life, Spirit, Mind and Body

Health Coaching

Coming Soon Spring 2019


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